El Departamento Comercial realiza capacitación comercial

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GPSENKE-- Strengthened Process and Standard

      On September 27, GPSENKE business department held a business training meeting on business etiquette and operation publicity.More than 20 people from the company's business executives, operations executives, and personnel departments attended the meeting.

The training meeting arranged business special training courses such as market operation promotion, comprehensive material writing, business etiquette reception, and official document handling practice.
The main contents of the training are as follows:

      First of all, the Head of the Ministry of Commerce explained the precautions of operation promotion and material writing to everyone,Combined with the characteristics of the company's industry and the actual work, he taught the purpose and characteristics of the publicity report, the requirements of news writing, the writing of the lead, the production of the title, the writing of the conference news and the basicqualities of the publicity report personnel.

      Secondly, in the comprehensive material writing,We invited senior media editors who have been engaged in material writing for many years to explain the material writing and official documents.

      Finally, the relevant person in charge of the administrative office of the company did a comprehensive training in business interests, customer reception, customer service and other aspects, with fresh examples, close to reality and thorough explanation.

The teaching content of this training course is closely combined with the actual work, the course arrangement is compact and reasonable, the classroom atmosphere is active, and the students response positively. It is expected that such training activities will be carried out regularly.

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