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 GPSENKE Was Awarded With Certification Of Enterprise Crdit Grade AAA 

GPSENK specializes in the production and sales of industrial communication products,provides an overall solution for industrial Internet communication.

Recently,The China Communications Enterprise Association has announced the evaluation results that GPSENKE has obtained the AAA rating of enterprises in the information and communication industry.

Credit rating evaluation of enterprises in the information and communication industry is a credit system construction work,which is under the unified deployment of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, it is also initiated and organized by China Communication Enterprise Association and carried out the construction of the information and communication industry credit system from the perspective of industry self-discipline.The grade evaluation evaluates the enterprise from seven dimensions, including comprehensive quality, financial strength, management ability, operation and competitiveness, and social credit record.The credit rating is divided into AAA, AA, A, B and C, and AAA is the highest level.

Enterprises need to complete the application online, and go through a series of strict and comprehensive analysis, examination and comprehensive evaluation procedures, such as initial evaluation by the association and professional third-party institutions, reverse investigation, expert evaluation, result publicized, Examined and approved by the Trade Credit Construction Working Committee, before they can get the certificate.

GPSENK will continue to dig deep in the field of industrial Internet communication and give full play to its advantages in all aspects of resources. Innovate and develop to follow the steps with the revolution of industries and generations. We win the support and trust of the majority of users with good reputation, high quality after-sales service. We develop and grow together with customers,Jointly meet new market opportunities and challenges.


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