Función y aplicación de la puerta de enlace inalámbrica

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Function and Application of Wireless Gateway

A "gateway" is an "interface" that connects one network to another network,It is a complex network connection device that can support conversion between different protocols. Interconnect networks of different protocols.Unlike bridges that simply transmit information, gateways repackage incoming information and filter it to meet the needs of the target system.In short, a gateway is a bridge between a device and a router. Correct gateway configuration can ensure users access the Internet normally.

The wireless gateway refers to a wireless AP integrated with a simple routing a sense,The wireless gateway solution is exactly the same as the broadband router solution;That is, the wireless gateway can complete the functions of a wireless bridge and a wireless router through different settings, and can also directly connect to an external network, such as a WAN, and achieve the AP function at the same time.

Functions of Industrial Wireless Gateways

1. Optimize the processing of terminal data, provide security conditions for the data, and effectively reduce the pressure on the platform server.

2. Industrial-grade Flash meets various industrial application scenarios,with the long-life read-write function and a large capacity of memory space.

3. Remotely monitor, configure and upgrade the equipment;Programming, diagnosing, debugging the equipment on site.Improve service response speed,Fault alarming, improve the online rate of equipment in remote areas;The intelligent gateway is used in conjunction with the cloud management system to greatly improve management efficiency.

4.  Provide diversified interfaces such as plc equipment and sensors, connect them with field industrial equipment, sensors, etc., and then collect data information and store it locally for data preprocessing.

Applications of Industrial Wireless Gateway

1. The 5G industrial intelligent gateway is suitable for monitoring water, gas and steam pipeline networks.

2. EMS (Energy Management System) signal acquisition and transmission;

3. Monitoring of municipal water supply and drainage pipe network and pipe trench; environmental monitoring of underground pipe gallery;

4. Signal collection and data transmission in the production process of manufacturing and processing enterprises;

5. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) signal acquisition, data transmission;

6. Environmental monitoring of dangerous chemical sites, signal collection and data transmission of atmospheric environment monitoring;
7. Warehouse environment monitoring,signal collection and data transmission.

                                                                         GPSENKE Industrial gateway

      GP-GW2000 is an industrial IoT smart gateway launched by GPSENKEIt integrates functions such as intel ligent data collection, multiple protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, full Netcom/4G wireless communication, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, and local storage.Support multiple VPN protocols (OpenVPN, IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, etc.) to ensure the security and reliability of data transmission.It can be widely used in various application scenarios such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, unmanned vehicles, fire protection, factory sites, etc.The point-to-point and point-to-surface application of the gateway can satisfy the remote diagnosis and debugging functions of the device.

Support 4G/5G to WIFI
Diversified access authentication
Support multiple transmission methods WIFI/4G/ETH
      Support kinds of mainstream industrial protocols
5 ports Ethernet
adopts industrial-grade design,

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