Soluciones inalámbricas para estaciones de tren

Wireless Railway Stations Solutions

      The operation of the large section has been carried out by means of paper work order transmission and personnel confirmation. In order to improve the operation efficiency of the large section and achieve the goal of reducing staff and increasing efficiency, it is now planned to use a wireless communication system to achieve a paperless large section. Chemical operation transmission system to solve.
      The system is composed of wireless AP coverage, dedicated terminal, and order transfer forwarding control system.
Scheme topology
 Program implementation
      A forwarding application server is connected to the existing job adjustment system server, and the server has functions such as information forwarding, protocol conversion, information storage and recording, etc. The wireless AP device is used to connect the forwarding application server, establish a wireless coverage base station system, realize the communication function with the surrounding handheld terminals, and send the operation system of the large machine section to the handheld terminal, so as to meet the functions of the operator's job information reception, display, printing, and confirmation.
     This solution mainly deploys outdoor APs in the station section to provide wireless coverage of the construction workshop, and provides wireless access of handheld terminals or mobile phones for relevant staff; The staff provides the wireless usage requirements of PCs, mobile phones and other terminals.
     Provide indoor and outdoor integrated coverage network and integrated authentication system to facilitate customer operation, maintenance and management; The outdoor AP provides IP68 protection level and strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability, which is suitable for the harsh working environment of the station and workshop. For a simple network environment, the authentication function of the AC can be used to implement the authentication access of wireless users; for a complex network environment, an authentication server can be deployed separately for unified management of wireless users.
System Features

Safe and convenient access authentication method to ensure network security
Sophisticated access control policies to ensure information security
Encrypt data transmission to prevent hackers from stealing and tampering
Can switch quickly when moving in the area to meet the needs of mobile office
1200M dual-band bandwidth to ensure smooth access to applications

The wireless connection is continuous and uninterrupted, and the office efficiency cannot be affected by the wireless network problem
Good network redundancy and fault tolerance, and the wireless network can be used stably all the year round
Intelligent monitoring, control, channel management, visitor self-service
Intelligent office, public resource utilization, other services
Industrial grade IP68 protection grade, can be used outdoors, the temperature range is -40-75 degrees, to ensure the use of harsh environments.

Advantages of the program
Wireless air interface security
Prevent illegal access points, air interface eavesdropping, malicious attacks, etc.
Access control
Security settings such as login access for staff to prevent the use of the external network and non-working status
Behavioral audit records
For the use and browsing of the staff, in addition to saving the audit results in the data center, we also provide various types of reports to provide users with a more convenient and fast management and maintenance method.
Safety isolation
In the environment of wireless network access, mobile terminals can communicate with each other, and there are great security risks. This solution can avoid the risk of virus transmission by some virus-infected terminals, maximize office security, improve office efficiency, and ensure user wireless experience.
Fast Roaming
When staff are holding mobile terminal equipment, they often move in different areas. Our solution can achieve fast switching without affecting business use, without stalling, and very smooth. No need to log in with different usernames and passwords. Can be switched freely.
Disaster recovery redundancy
When the AC is down, the wireless network will become unavailable. Through the AP disaster recovery redundancy scheme, when the communication connection between the AP and the wireless controller is disconnected due to external factors, the emergency policy or emergency SSID will be automatically activated. When the network recovers Normally, these users will be removed from the disaster recovery role to improve the stability and reliability of the network.